“Collier porte bonheur” - a special necklace that brings happiness.
In 1999. YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS displayed its pre-collection at a select shop “Colette” on St. Honore Street in Paris.
We started making jewelries based on our experience in creating objets’ art in Paris and the necklace named “Collier porte bonheur” was reelased as our first collection.
Our motto is “Haute couture on the street”.
We introduced the new concept of “Pop couture” which is in-between “Haute couture” and “prêt-a-porter”.
YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS has since stridden in the galaxy of luxury and jewelry.
“YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS” - the word summarizes everything jewelries can evoke; creativity, elegance, respect, pride, haute couture, and our atelier.
For each combination there is an avant-garde, or simple, configuration.
An object that starts its life at YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS, the most mundane as well as the most fantastic, is often endowed with an allusive grace that bases its necessity in a world in which the show of beauty often conceals, from our too inattentive eyes the essential thing. the perfect detail. Even if our works are copied by somebody else, they cannot be disgraced.
YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS - flashes of ideas for creation. It streams love to every human being, to every life in the ocean and on the earth, and into the universe.
In our view, avant-garde is not about the details of design, but rather what arises when carving out infinite possibilities while remaining true to oneself.
We carried through to the present, not only because of our passion towards creation but also because of many people and their understanding.
We owe endless gratitude for their support.
We will continue to wish for the world peace and give unjust society the finger.